nhs dentistry

NHS Dentistry

NHS dental treatments at Windle House Dental, St Helens.

We are pleased to offer NHS treatment to patients who are eligible.

  • In England and Wales the fees for NHS examinations and treatments are subsidised by the NHS, with patients covering the balance. These prices are fixed and sit within bands.
  • NHS dental care is free of charge for children under the age of 18, and for those under 19 and in full-time education. Dental care is also free on the NHS if you qualify for it under the NHS exempt criteria; for example, pregnant women qualify for free NHS dental care.

For more information on who is entitled to free NHS dental treatment, visit the NHS Website.

Current NHS Fees

Please note that NHS fees are reviewed every April and may increase.

Band 1 – NHS charge £22.70
This covers examinations, simple scale and polishes and radiographs.

Band 2 – NHS charge £62.10
This covers the above plus fillings (not cosmetic), extractions. Periodontal treatment and root canal treatments.

Band 3 – NHS charge £269.30
As band 1 and 2 and crowns, dentures, bridges. Cosmetic treatments are not covered on the NHS.

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