emergency appointments

Emergency Appointments

Dental emergencies can be a very stressful experience. At Windle House we want to be here for you when the unexpected should occur.

If you are at all concerned about anything to do with your teeth, gums or mouth, please contact us and we’ll get you seen as soon as possible. Be sure to describe your symptoms in as much detail as possible to the reception staff, so that they understand the nature of your situation and can inform the dental staff. We reserve slots in our diary specifically for emergencies and will endeavour to get you seen within no later than 48 hours. If you are in severe pain we will bring that forward as quickly as we can.

Out-of-hours assistance – for emergencies outside of practice hours, you can call the practice directly on: 01778 347 677 You will be given the contact details for the local out-of-hours emergency dentist. You can also leave a message via phone or email for one of our reception team to call you back on the next working day.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I knock my tooth out completely?

If it’s an adult (permanent) tooth:

  1. Hold it by the white bit that sticks out of the gum (the crown). Do not touch the root.
  2. Lick it clean if it’s dirty, or quickly rinse it in cold running water for no more than 10 seconds
  3. Try to put it back into the hole in the gum. If it does not go in easily:
    • Put it in milk
    • Put it in saliva – by spitting into a container (if it’s your tooth) or having your child spit into a container (if it’s theirs)
    • Hold it in your cheek until you see the dentist – but do not have younger children do this in case they swallow it
  4. If it goes back in, bite down gently on a clean cloth to hold the tooth in place.

If it’s a baby tooth:
Do not put it back in – it could damage the tooth growing underneath

If you don’t know if it’s an adult or baby tooth:
Put it in milk or saliva (by having your child spit into a container) and bring it to the dentist

What do I do if I have a swelling in or around my mouth?

Swellings can occur due to a variety of reasons, however the most important thing is to seek dental advice urgently. Out of hours if the swelling starts to make you feel unwell with fever or has any impact on your breathing it is imperative you go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department.

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